Smart Car Technologies Can Cut Down The Fuel Costs by $6.2 Billion Every Year

Smart Car technologies are well-known for their efficiency and convenience offered. We are well versed with the excellent features offered by this technology. Apart from this, the excellent security features are also offered. But, now smart car technologies have something more to offer to its users. Now, this technology can save more on the fuel thereby reducing the fuel costs.

The study related to the cost-saving advantage of smart car technologies was conducted by the researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology. According to their estimates, the smart car technologies can cut down the fuel costs by $6.2 billion every year. The study led by assistant professor of this institute Yeganeh Hayeri, states that the annual saving on fuel costs will range from $60 to $266 each year.

Smart car technologies will further reduce the number of accidents every year, with smooth traffic flow and less pollution. The aerodynamic efficiency will be provided by this technology. Smart car technologies will be seen soon in the cars, trucks, sports vehicles and others. This is the first study to evaluate the energy efficiency provided by this technology.

Smart car technologies are known for its automation. During the study, the energy and safety features offered by such automated technology was analyzed. Then, the researchers studied how these features can affect fuel consumption. With this data, the researchers studied the advantages and the cost-effectiveness linked with this technology.

The associated benefits were classified into 3 groups namely warning systems, control systems, and information systems. The warning systems indicate the lane departures, speed limit, forward collision and so on. The control systems are used for adaptive cruise control, active braking, collision detection braking, and others. Whereas, the information systems are used for dynamic route guidance and parking assistance.

Even the low-level automated vehicles can reduce the fuel consumption by 27 to 119 gallons every year. This will lead to money saving of $60 to $226. Also, the annual fuel consumption will reduce by 6 to 23 percent for every individual. Further, smart car technologies will help the drivers in making smart decisions as this technology will predict traffic congestion on prior basis.

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