Users Of Windows 10 Mobile Must Opt For iOS Or Android Says Microsoft


Windows phones have acquired a significant number of users in past. But, with the increasing popularity of Android and iOS, Microsoft mobile OS will cease the support for Windows 10 mobile phone. However, Microsoft has raced hard in the smartphone market but as per the recent announcement, the company will stop the support for the Windows 10 phone.

The user of Windows 10 mobile will no longer receive security updates and bug fixes from June 11.  Also, the users will be given 3 months’ time to create a backup of their apps. Even after ending the support the users can take backup of the photos and upload the same up to 12 months. The users are requested to switch to other Android and iOS-based smartphone devices.

The hints stating the demise of Windows 10 phone was observed long back in October 2017. Since then Microsoft has ceased the launch of new features to their smartphones. The Microsoft’s smartphone venture is a failure compared to Android and iOS business model.

The details provided on Windows 10 Mobile End of Support Page shows a number of FAQ’s related to end of support. For instance, there are questions like “What does end of support means to the users?”, “What should Windows phone users do now?”.

Also, Microsoft’s mobile assistant called Cortana is no longer in competition with Google Assistant and Alexa. Furthermore, in 2017, NYPD had recalled many Windows 10 mobile phones and replaced them with iPhones. The users can read more about this on the company’s official website. The company has also stopped manufacturing of Windows phone.

Microsoft had a big plan and future hope pertaining to the Windows phone. Windows Phone 7 launched by the company in 2010 had significantly acquired a large number of consumer base. The main reason behind the failure of Windows 10 mobile phones was non-availability of popular apps which are present in Android and iOS.

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