Google Introduces Three New Features For The Gmail Users


Gmail, the popular email service by Google is rolling out new handy features which will help users in editing and removing errors from the email. The users can now edit the message from the compose view window. According to the news by Google,  users can see the undo, redo and strikethrough feature. These features will be launched in the form of shortcut buttons and the third feature will help users in downloading the message.

The first button is Shortcut to undo/redo in the compose window:

Now, the undo feature will help the users to retain the message or text which was deleted accidentally. This will be available for the users directly in the compose window. Similar to undo, the users can also redo the text or message. Additionally, users will see an option namely bold, italics, underline and strikethrough. This functionality is extremely useful to the users as they are quick and efficient.

Strikethrough button is provided at the right side of the compose window. This feature can be used to express a change or as a suggestion.  More information about the new features can be seen in G Suite updates blog. The third feature available to the users will enable users to download the message as .EML files in rfc822 format.

.EML files are the ones which can be recognized by email recipients like Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird users. Along with this, the users can also download the email attachments present in emails. A download button will be available at the bottom of the compose window represented by three dots. Users need to click on ‘Show original’ and then click on the download button for downloading .EML file format.

All the Gmail and G Suite users can use the new features which will be rolled out in the next few days. Last year the company announced that it will remove its Inbox for Gmail platform as it wants its users to be more focused. This will enhance the user’s performance and it will shut down its Inbox by March 2019.

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